The better way to watch video together.

8by8 Sync enables you to watch your videos together with others, better.
In time, at high quality, whilst centrally controlled.

No more stuttering video or poor quality screen shares.

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How it works

Improve your meetings in 3 easy steps:

Upload your content

Upload videos and images which you want to present to your team.
Import your footage from, Mediasilo, or upload from your desktop.

Start your session

Share a unique session link with your viewers. Other viewers can then open up their browser and join in. Track who has joined and left.

Control your content

What you see, they see in high quality. Control the speed or frame step, change the video or even telestrate on the video.

The better way, whoever you are

Screen Share File Transfer 8by8 Sync
No need to download files

High quality footage

Sync'd playback

Smooth video playback

Get started today

Speak to us. It's about time to make online meetings with video easy.